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The Gold Feather (The Gold Feather Series #1) by Dani Pasquini

the gold and loss dani


A promising start to the series…

After experiencing a great personal loss, Lily tries to take her life but is saved by a stranger, Jonas. Lily learns she is a Duel, a genetical modified superhuman who shares an inseparable cellular link with Jonas: another genetical modified superhuman. Now, weighed down with rising memories of her earlier years at Homestead, Lily has to learn to control her hidden powers and figure out her new identity. At the same time, Duals’ backstory as genetically modified superhumans is brought to the forefront. Action takes backstage as Pasquini explores Duals’ struggles with memories of their lost past. Lily’s transformation from a suicidal mess to a resolute, powerful superhuman is beautifully chronicled. Added emotional weight and depth to protagonists’ voice give a haunting feel to the narrative.


The Gold Feather

(The Gold Feather Series #1)

by Dani Pasquini

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PUB DATE January 11, 2018

ISBN 9781976875458

PRICE $9.99 (USD)

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