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Crossing the Digital Faultline: 10 Leadership Rules to Win in the Age of Digitalization and Uncertainty by Sri Manchala

An informative, innovative compendium…

Manchala’s debut is a must-read handbook for business leaders in deploying the right digital practices. A prominent researcher, consultant, and expert in digital-age business processes for many years, Manchala draws from his own experience of working on many related initiatives for almost a quarter of a century and combines data from 5,000+ companies to provides a hands-on framework to help business leaders transform their business in the face of digital disruption. In his opinion, many businesses that have been around for a long time depend on the outdated tried-and-true operational model that doesn’t set them up for optimal success in the digital era. Comparing his real-life experience in a major Japanese earthquake to the disruptive effects of swiftly moving digital technology, he argues that the transformation that is caused by emerging digital technologies and business models is the one that disrupts the market the most as most of the business leaders fail to keep up with the modern technology. He uses simple charts, graphs, and images to make readers understand the term better. He offers clear directions and step-by-step guidance for struggling companies to readjust their businesses by shifting their corporate thinking and business strategy and make it timely and more effective in the rapidly changing technology-driven world. With a deep knowledge of how the role of technology in digital era has changed over the last few years, Manchala outlines attributes that are important for businesses to embody in their leadership strategy. According to him, understanding the disruptive forces at play can help companies plan their transformation better. He offers clear methodologies and strategies for digital transformation initiatives with an emphasis on outcomes. His thoroughly practical and highly effective advice work toward the goal of a business paradigm shift, encouraging business leaders to redefine their organizations to embrace changes in technology. The reader can feel Manchala’s energy through his uniquely spirited writing style which is accessible and intriguing at once, and his fresh approach of using real world examples to digital transformation makes it more exciting read than most books available on business and technology. The meticulous research and authentic analytical data make it perfect for business owners, executives, and business leaders charged with leading their company towards its digital destiny. The organizations in need of an operating model to help them thrive on the edge of change will be greatly benefited.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Crossing the Digital Faultline

10 Leadership Rules to Win in the Age of Digitalization and Uncertainty

By Sri Manchala

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Pub date June 22, 2020

ISBN 978-1735157429

Price $27.90 (USD) Hardcover, $22.99 Paperback, $7.60 Kindle edition

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