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A Halloween Adventure with Jack and Ony Lantern by Sylvie Gionet

A fast-paced and thoroughly spooky Halloween adventure…

Halloween brings some serious adventure for the sibling pair in this atmospheric, deeply engrossing romp. Jack and Ony are in a great mood, and who can blame them, between testing their new patch of pumpkins and decorating their farm house for Halloween. But when Casey, a young witch, arrives on earth to seek the boys’ help, they see it not only as their chance to go on a superhero adventure but also catch the snoopy thief who is stealing the delectable desserts of the Halloween-land. Gionet imbues her Halloween-time story in the surreal, macabre atmosphere of Halloween, introducing an intriguing cast of characters, from the ghostly figure of Grim that holds a scythe to Whimsey the fire ant, the fire-breathing Gecko, Golden Langur Monkey, and Eagle-Owl. Fast-paced action blended with high adventure and gentle suspense will keep readers on edge. Replete with surprising revelations and well-developed and memorable characters, this unpredictable, unrelenting adventure will satisfy Halloween addicts of all ages.

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A Halloween Adventure with Jack and Ony Lantern

By Sylvie Gionet

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Pub date October 1, 2020

ISBN 9780994855305

Price $2.99 (USD)

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