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Loose Ends in Yokohama by Alex Lund

Reflective, biting, and engrossing…

A compelling psychological study and a journey through life, Lund’s latest takes the reader on one man’s journey as he struggles to make peace with his yesterday after inconvenient details from his past begin to haunt him. Ron Jackson, a successful businessman who has built his life from tragedy to success with a successful restaurant business in Yokohama, is looking forward to retiring, but a sudden meeting with an old friend slackens his rigid grip on his emotions to confront the past demons of his life. Lund imbues his slice-of-life tale with local color and profound emotions. He sketches Ron’s character with precisely controlled details. His secondary characters are equally convincing, and it’s through them that Lund reveal their wretched self-deception as they realize that they must revisit their past and make peace with their conscience. This insightful, often sad and moving tale should earn Lund a wide audience.

Loose Ends in Yokohama

A Story of a Man on a Mission to Make Peace with His Past

By Alex Lund

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Pub date August 23, 2020

ISBN 979-8678056443

Price $4.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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