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Keepers & Destinies by Carl F Brothers

An entertaining blend of thrilling action and intrigue…

Brothers sets a sharply detailed fantasy of duty, sacrifice, and lust of power against the backdrop of the powerful war between angles and demons. With the day of reckoning approaching fast, Andrea, a Guardian Angel, is sent to earth to find the key to winning the final battle between light and darkness. She enlists the help of James, a PI and a veteran struggling with his past demons. But stakes rise when a deeper conspiracy unravels, marking Andrea as a key player in the final battle. Brothers’s vivid worldbuilding and an interesting cast caught up in a wonderfully complicated political conflict easily draw readers into the story. Through his protagonists’ stories, Brothers touches on themes of PTSD, family ties, sibling bond, and loyalty. Andrea with her innate honesty, determination, and kind heart, proves to be a worthy heroine. Fantasy fans will savor insights into the intricacies of duty and sacrifice and the luxuriously drawn, energizing battle scenes.

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Keepers & Destinies

By Carl F Brothers

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