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From Daylight To Madness (The Hotel #1) by Jennifer Gordon

Hauntingly romantic and achingly beautiful…

Gordon’s masterful first installment in The Hotel series takes readers into the heart of Dagger Island, an almost uninhabitable rocky island off the coast of Maine for a profoundly unsettling adventure. In the late spring of 1873, Isabelle gave birth to her son Oscar, who lived only for a short while. Unable to deal with her grief, Isabelle grows increasingly restless and is sent away to a summer hotel on Dagger Island where she meets the mysterious Francis, a deeply damaged priest. As she scrambles to come to terms with her grief, torturous voices begin to haunt her. The deeply-realized cast of characters, the gothic turns, and moments of genuine horror, as well as expert plot twists that move the story along keep the reader turning pages fast. Gordon’s lyrical, crisp prose skillfully explores Isabelle’s struggle with her grief and her husband’s indifference. This deeply poignant, melancholy tale will stay with readers long after they finish the book.

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From Daylight To Madness

(The Hotel #1)

By Jennifer Gordon

Livre Maison

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Pub date August 20, 2020

ISBN 9781735402116

Price $14.00 (USD) Paperback, $3.05 Kindle edition

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  1. Spectacular book and review! ❤

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