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Josie and the Scary Snapper by Elisa Downing (Author), Isadora Machado (Illustrator)

An absolute delight…

Downing brings thorough fun and plenty of sassy energy to Josie and the Scary Scrapper, her debut picture book, the story of adorable Josie who is scared of the monsters in the dark. Little Josie is unable to sleep at night because she’s scared of the scary things she sees in the dark. When Josie’s dad gives her a magic flashlight, Josie is not very convinced of the scary snapper’s magical ability to scare the monsters away. But the same night, when monsters come, Josie gets a chance to test the snapper’s magical abilities. With Josie’s story, Downing skillfully conveys how quickly a kid’s world can unravel. Her child-appropriate prose and witty tone make the book a page-turner. The silly, fun twist in the end will have young readers in splits. Machado’s delightful illustrations in both somber and bright colors adeptly reflect story’s mood. This humorous, light treatment of the eternal subject of the “I’m scared of scary things in the dark” will make a welcome addition to young children’s bedside bookshelf.

Josie and the Scary Snapper

By Elisa Downing (Author), Isadora Machado (Illustrator)

Dark Window Books

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Pub date October 6, 2020

ISBN 9781777330507

Price $3.05 (USD) Kindle edition

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