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Ocean Friends (2 book series) by Tam Warner Minton

Fun and informative…  A winning collection.

In her visually arresting series about tropical reef fish, Minton pairs striking, colorful pictures with information about the characteristics, habits, and diversity of these ocean vertebrates. In the first book in the series, Minton covers everything from differences and similarities between tropical reef fish and mammals, common fish characteristics—the way they breathe oxygen, how their scales protect them, the effect of sea warming on their bodies, their sixth sense known as Lateral Line—and also various types of reef fish including innocent looking and yet highly poisonous pufferfish, the angelfish, a cleaner fish that lives in a symbiotic relationship in coral reefs, butterflyfish, the weird looking filefish, and the master at camouflage frogfish among others. Calling oceans vital to life on earth in the second book, Minton explains how oceans help humans by absorbing plenty of carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen, and how coral reef plants and animals are used in medicines to treat various diseases. She explores concepts of climate warming, its effect on fish and other sea life, and how we can help keep oceans safe. Striking colorful images depict a variety of reef fish underwater, including eels, triggerfish, parrotfish, seahorses, scorpionfish, and anemonefish among others. Minton also includes projects for ocean lovers and budding marine biologists: the reader is encouraged to find various locations across the world on the map where she took photographs of the fish in her series. A variety of fun facts about reef fish add to the intrigue. The accessible text is supplemented by stunning photographs that beautifully capture the diverse attributes of reef fish while evoking a sense of their mystery and allure. A child-appropriate tone and playful prose combine to create an arresting and informative read. Everything fish lovers could ever hope to know about the tropical reef fish pours forth between the pages of these striking picture books. This is an engaging and visually sophisticated addition to young readers’ libraries.

Note: This series is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Ocean Friends

(2 book series)

By Tam Warner Minton

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All Fish Faces: Photos and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish: Ocean Friends Book 1

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More Fish Faces: More Photos and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish: Ocean Friends Book 2

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