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Peri the Awesome COVID Fairy by Morgan Duffy (Author), Mary Duffy (Illustrator)

A whimsical, insightful read…

Duffy introduces Peri, the COVID Fairy, who brings children joy and laughter as they stay stuck at home during the current pandemic. The brief introduction to COVID-19, its worldwide spread, and the kind of precautions to take will mitigate young children’s anxiety: “Wash wash wash your hands / wash them every time. / Soap and water does the trick/ then a cloth to dry.” Mary Duffy’s deft skill with illustrations lend the book its distinctive charm: Peri with its golden fringe of hair and silly expressions and its wide-eyed enthusiasm about helping children during the crisis steals the show. The story focuses less on narrative arc, but it skillfully accentuates the importance of being careful and taking all the necessary precautions during the crisis. Every child who is stuck at home because of COVID-19 crisis will identify with children’s plight in the book. Duffy creates an entertaining read-aloud book for parents and children alike.

Peri the Awesome COVID Fairy

By Morgan Duffy (Author), Mary Duffy (Illustrator)

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Gatekeeper Press

Pub date August 7, 2020

ISBN 978-1642375114

Price $11.00 (USD) Kindle edition, $17.00 Hardcover, $3.25 Kindle edition

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