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The Persistence of Memory Book 1: Déjà Vu by Karen Janowsky



A haunting read…

Born into the early twentieth century, Daniel Hecht, Lionheart, the American war hero who is unable to escape his heroism even into the modern world, has no memory of several decades missing from his life. A stranger in his own body, he leads an underground group of superpower misfits in the twenty-first century. After a new recruit, Nina Asher who has no recollection of her past joins the group, Daniel finds himself strangely attracted to her. Before long, she becomes the target of a group of vicious creatures who want to unsettle the world. As she and Daniel work to unlock a cryptic, ancient myth, they experience strange flashbacks. To save the world, they must recollect the memories of their earlier lives. As they fall in love, Nina’s troubled past come to haunt them. Readers will experience heightened tension in this first installment of the fantasy romance series as shocking mystery unfolds, leading to a heartfelt climax. Janowsky skilfully reveals the duo’s intricately complex attraction to each other, allowing their romance to develop with sensuality. With their human afflictions, the superheroes in the story have a tender side to them—Daniel’s humanity and vulnerability make him a compelling hero. Nina’s character has plenty of scope for further growth in the upcoming installment. Though the fantasy elements form the basis of the plot, the book is heavy on feelings and subtle romance (heavy love-making stretches beyond a few pages as well) making it more of a romance read. Yearning and tender love dominate the story, turning the book into a melancholy, haunting read.


The Persistence of Memory Book 1: Déjà Vu

by Karen Janowsky

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Mill City Press

PUB DATE February 22, 2019

ISBN 9781545662120

PRICE $14.49 (USD)


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