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The Jack Lamburt Vigilante Justice Thriller Series by John Etzil

Rip-roaring and brutal…

Etzil’s gritty Vigilante Justice Thriller Series pits a small-town Sherriff against a horde of dangerous criminals. Trying to get over the death of his wife, the former CIA Jack Lamburt is content being a Sheriff in a quiet town in the first installment. But when a mob boss from NY and his two associates stir up trouble in the quiet mountain town, Jack has no option but to take care of his own. The second installment pits Jack against a group of notorious criminals. Jack Lamburt doesn’t negotiate with drug dealers. But when his girlfriend Debbie asks him to spring her sister from the clutches of a New Jersey gang leader, Jack has no option but to say yes. But getting the young woman out of the trouble is just the beginning of trouble for Jack. With a growing list of enemies, Jack must use all his resources or risk losing everything he has come to love. After a young girl from local orphanage suddenly disappears, Jack suspects foul play in the third book. Jack teams up with Frances, the resolute 90-year-old with a taste for rye whiskey and revenge, to locate the girl. Despite Jack’s rough-around-the-edges persona, there is a haunting sadness to his nature, making the reader root for him throughout. His sly wit and dark humor provide amusement while the ass-kicking attitude keeps readers on their toes. Debbie makes for a gutsy, admirable heroine. There is kick in seeing the feisty Frances with so much fire. The reader won’t mind seeing more of the old dear. The real meat of the narrative lies in how Jack utilizes his CIA expertise and the resources available to him.  The bloodshed and carnage abound, and there are enough battered corpses to make an undertaker grin. The testosterone flows freely, and Etzil’s excellent blend of brutal action and sharp dialogue keep the readers turning pages nonstop. The series contains descriptions of extreme violence that faint of heart may find too graphic. Though the plots shift to organizational crime several times, the focus of each book in the series stays on the individual machinations, keeping the intrigue of the small-town backdrop intact. Like Lee Child’s Reacher, Jack is not much of a team player, but the story never loses its momentum when Jack teams up with others. His alliance with Debbie is refreshing, and they make for an endearing pair. Packed with brutal action, lightning fast narrative, and unflinching violence, the series makes for a must-read for lovers of finely-constructed action thrillers.

The Jack Lamburt Vigilante Justice Thriller Series

By John Etzil

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Fatal Justice: Jack Lamburt # 1

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Urban Justice: Jack Lamburt # 2

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Urgent Justice: Jack Lamburt #2.5

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