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MAC & BETH by Aaron D McClelland

A gritty, intense, and mesmerizing account of greed and betrayal…

McClelland takes readers on an exhilarating journey of greed, murder, and treachery in his latest, a tale that is not only deeply engrossing and heartbreaking but also true to human nature. Mac is content being the right-hand man of Duncan, the meth king in the southwest desert until he meets Bethany, Duncan’s niece. Enraptured by the Grim Sisters’ promises of power and wealth and goaded by Bethany, Mac sets on a path to gain control of Duncan’s meth kingdom. A great tragedy unfolds as greed and lust for power turn friends into foes. McClelland’s assured narrative skill, vivid, deeply affecting prose, and soaring creativity make sure the reader stays invested in the story throughout. The premise is a fine blend of grit, imagination, and supernatural. McClelland’s characters are thrill-seeking people who constantly live on the fringe, and it’s through the portrayal of their tormented lives that readers come to confront the dark elements in society. The love between Mac and Beth is raw and passionate, the endearing bond of Flea and Jaimie is full of heart, and Banks as the narrator is a triumph. Described by Banks, Mac’s most trusted friend and confidant, the book explores the unforgiving, dark world of drug cartels while examining the greed for power and wealth that drive the man to extreme measures. Filled with sharp dialogue, memorable characters, and a hard-bitten writing style, McClelland’s raw, shocking tale will stay with readers for long.


By Aaron D McClelland

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