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The Gambit Series by Brad Carlson

A gripping, briskly paced military action series, told with authenticity and great suspense…

Full of high action, gritty drama, and insightful observations, the two installments in this compelling series from Carlson feature larger-than-life characters and intimidating villains. In the first installment, Israeli Intelligence, after learning that Iran is only weeks away from becoming a fully-fledged nuclear nation seeks America’s help in destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities. But in the face of America’s lax approach (slapping economic sanctions and relying on diplomacy), the trigger-happy Israeli government decides to take a more aggressive tactical approach to protect itself. A brutal terrorist attack on four major sporting events, killing thousands of Americans draws USA into the perpetual Middle East conflicts once again in the second installment. Hezbollah, a small terrorist group, is found responsible for the attack. The stakes rise after a dangerous conspiracy of global consequences is found at the root of Hezbollah’s plan. Carlson relies on conspiracies, diplomacy, technology, political intrigue, and military muscle to propel his plots forward. He compellingly offers a chilling scenario for a massive attack on America’s infrastructure and plays out the conflict at a lightning fast pace. The fans of fast-paced military thrillers will revel in Carlson’s mastery at action writing; the narrative that shifts between different characters from several countries, never loses the momentum. Jackson is an endearing hero who can single-handedly take out whole teams of bad guys. The fierce, unafraid Dani makes for a relatable protagonist. Carlson’s background in diplomatic history and international relations provides authenticity to his details of the quasi-military technobabble and the gadgets, and he seamlessly weaves together various plot threads to bring out the heart stopping conclusions. Fans of fast-paced military thrillers will look forward to Carlson’s future work.

The Gambit Series

By Brad Carlson

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The Gambit: Book 1

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