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The Vatican Must Go by D. Grant Fitter

Intricately woven political drama…

Complex, inconspicuous, and graced by political intrigue, Fitter’s latest draws the reader into fascinating world of government power and question of faith. It’s 1920. Pancho Villa is gone, and Mexico is just settling into a new, post-revolution form of democratic government. With people’s deeply rooted faith in Catholic church, Vatican becomes a legitimate threat to the government. Democrats in America who already feel threatened by Catholic invasion of America are becoming increasingly wary of the Church’s power in neighboring Mexico. Charlie Coates, who stealthily managed the bloody John D. Rockefeller strikebreaking campaign during the infamous Colorado Coalmining Wars, is assigned to recruit a Mercenary Force and send it to Mexico to represent American interest. The recruits soon become entangled in a dangerous war of politics and faith. The characters are superbly crafted, and Fitter seamlessly combines politics and religion with history and character study. Matt with his deep cynicism, Rudy with his muddled idealism, and Rosa who is at once extremely emotional and levelheaded will easily make a place in readers’ hearts. Fitter has a knack for establishing atmosphere as the desolate landscape of 1920s Mexico adorned only by scarce desert plants and ridges of rock comes alive. The reader will feel the long spells of dust and hot and dirt and cold between the pages. The narrative is heavy on both personal emotions and political intrigue. Characters’ finely constructed backstories add layers to the leisurely paced plot. Lovers of intricate political fiction will be rewarded.

The Vatican Must Go

By D. Grant Fitter

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Pub date June 3, 2020


Price $3.00 (USD) Kindle edition, $13.79 Paperback

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