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Life-Crude by Uche Nnochiri

Dark and intriguing…

Nnochiri makes his foray into the world of urban fantasy with this fascinating tale about the war between good and evil. Idris Offor – locum has harbored a dark secret all his life until Lisa Spalding, a feisty blogger, comes to him with questions concerning an enigmatic business tycoon, Majid Appiah’s unshakable control over the business world. The Appiah Group is gradually monopolization the market, and the competitors are getting eliminated. Pulled into a world of conspiracies, Idris finds himself face to face with a dark force.  Mixing fantasy with heavy business world is risky, but Nnochiri takes time to make the setting and the people real before introducing full-fledged scenes of supernatural horror. Nnochiri’s portrayal of nonfantasy scenes demonstrate his sure knowledge of the working of corporate world. The novel should attract lovers of dark fiction with its unusual blend of the world of corporate corruption with supernatural.

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By Uche Nnochiri

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Pub date July 15, 2020


Price $4.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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