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Hawk McCoy: The Penthiads by Mary T. Kincaid

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A charming, wholesome sleuthing story mixed with a dash of fantasy that will appeal to children as well as adults…

The ten-year-old local amateur detective, Hawk McCoy along with his friends Sandy Sue and Tom Buford run a group called the Indispensables in the town of Izlet Bay, Georgia for a bit of cash during the summer holidays. The group provides various odd services in the neighbourhood: dog-walking, lawn mowing, poo petrol, and cleaning. The Penthiads, a group of mythological beings, are back in town disguised as the Penthas sisters and undertake some significant jobs within the community. When strange lights are photographed from satellites over a Georgian field that lies a mile from the Penthas house, it captures the attention of high-ranking officials in the capital. A group of government bureaucrats from Washington arrive in town to investigate the matter. Equipped with his Super Sleuth 100 and Fingerprint Guide for All Occasions, Hawk has a perfect opportunity to unlock the mystery of the mysterious lights and sharpen his detective skills. Laced with humour, the fun detective story moves at a steady pace as Kincaid interjects a mild dose of fantasy element with mystery. The narrative is smooth and the tone of the book is light. The southern town with its balmy summer days makes for a cozy setting. Hawk is a well-drawn protagonist—he emerges as the most interesting character as well: he is clever, resourceful, and a go-getter. Though other members of the fifth-graders’ group do not get much space in the story, the author creates a delightful backstory for the trio’s Indispensables club that offer odd jobs to various people in the neighbourhood. Charming in an old-sort way, the novel presents a convincing portrait of typical childhood exploits in a southern town. The Indispensables’ endeavours delight and bring a fun element to the story that pulls the reader in—the goat, Ester’s escapades keep the mood jovial and the little terrier, Mutt’s puppy antics are a laugh riot. Through the exploration of the Penthas sisters’ significant jobs, Kincaid offers a thoughtful perspective on environmental concerns and issues. While the resolution falls into place too easily, the search for the answers allows Hawk practise his detective skills expertly, and at the same time, it helps the plot reach a satisfying conclusion. Readers will enjoy getting to know the Indispensables and wait eagerly for their next fun-filled exploit.


Hawk McCoy: The Penthiads

by Mary T. Kincaid

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Middle Grade

RedHawk Press

Pub Date June 20, 2017

ISBN 9780997148831


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