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The Empress and the Arctic Tern (The Sky, Earth and Water, #1) by Angie Chasser

A provocative adventure…

Those with a taste for swiftly paced adventure fantasy will welcome Chasser’s debut entry in The Sky, Earth and Water series. While helping her parents on their farm comes naturally to Illa, she has always believed there’s more to her fate than farming. When an arctic tern carrying the estranged lord of a magical race cursed with corruption and eternal wars crashes into their farm, Illa finds a chance at fulfilling her righteous destiny. Accompanied by her father, Illa sets on a journey to seek out the Empress of the Seers. Chasser has crafted her ancient world assiduously, and she handles the themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and identity issues with ease. Her compact plotting and measured narrative make sure the reader stays invested in the story, and her crisp, understated prose captures with equal skill her protagonists’ fears and insecurities and the thrills of the battlefield. The ending suggests there’ll be a lot more action in the second book.

The Empress and the Arctic Tern

(The Sky, Earth and Water, #1)

By Angie Chasser

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Pub date July 13, 2020


Price $4.53 (USD) Kindle edition

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