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Breaking the Cycle (Breakin’ in the 80s #3) by B.B. Swann

A stirring tale of love and making right choices…

Swann continues her Breakin’ in the 80s series with this poignant third installment, tackling the hot-button subject of family violence, adolescent abuse, and teen pregnancy. At the center of her finely written, engrossing tale is sensible and smart 18-year-old Andrea Jones, who is determined to go to college, leaving the life of abuse and poverty behind. The handsome, suave Gio Ruiz arrives in Andrea’s life, bringing the promise of love and hope, but an unexpected incident leaves Andrea with new, life-altering challenge. Swann’s elegant prose evokes poignant emotions as she delves deeper into the complex dynamics of a family suffering domestic violence. She skillfully builds Andrea’s life on the trailer park, illuminating layers of personal conflict and teenager dilemmas as the latter craves financial independence and comes to terms with the fact that a soft landing in life is never guaranteed. With its swift narrative, in-depth characterization, and tight plotting, the novel makes for a fine YA contemporary.

Breaking the Cycle

(Breakin’ in the 80s #3)

By B.B. Swann

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Pub date September 1, 2020


Price $4.03 (USD) Kindle edition

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