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Cloudland Series by Chip Hill

An addictive, page-turner fantasy…

Hill’s charming modern-day fairy tale featuring the endearing mythical creatures from a fantasy land follows a sibling pair journeying to Cloudland to help King Nature. In the first installment, the siblings Jane and Robbie are desperate to make friends after their move to a new town. Uncle Josh’s story about a pair of twin snowflake brothers gives the siblings an excellent idea. In the second book in the series, the siblings’ adventure begins when they are assigned to save Cloudland from an evil power that has taken over the land. Alone in the fantasy land, the duo encounters countless dangers and fight the malevolent enemy. Uncle Josh is missing and Robbie is summoned by King Nature to help restore the order in the neighboring Darkland in the third installment in the series. Joined by his friend Neely, Robbie sets for the mysterious land of perpetual half-light, unaware of the many dangers lurking in shadows. Hill has a charming way of portraying his characters’ dilemma, and his storytelling has both the comic charm and psychological intensity of a traditional fairytale. Readers will find a gratifying mix of traditional fantasy tropes and fresh material: magical creatures such as endearing giant Griff, the gentle Bumbles, the charming Pawber Mygump, a horde of twists, clever dialogue, the battle of good versus evil, an all’s well that ends well conclusion, and, of course, the loveable King Nature and his assistant the eccentric Professor Because. The series is full of satiric wit and specific wisdom. Hill explores the complex themes of becoming self-empowered, making new friends, overcoming obstacles, and believing in dreams with perception and understanding. The series is aimed at older kids, but the preschoolers will find comfort in familiar archetypes, including misunderstood magical creatures and the courageous sibling duo and their friends who struggle to help the people of mythical land. Michael Kelley’s adorable, personality-laden illustrations are an absolute treat to eyes. Younger readers will find themselves looking at the drawings again and again. The books make for both tales full of magic and mayhem for the older kids and excellent bedtime stories for the younger children. With its bighearted heroes and larger-than-life adventures, the series makes for a fantastic fantasy read.

Cloudland Series

by Chip Hill

Michael Kelley (Illustrator)

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Cloudland: Book 1

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Return to Cloudland: Book 2

Price $2.93 (USD) Kindle edition, $6.99 Paperback

Beyond Cloudland: Book 3

Price $3.02 (USD) Kindle edition, $6.99 Paperback

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  1. He’s always been brilliant in my eyes now in his writings expressed so well. So many will love these books

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