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Bone Chimes by M. A. Kastle

Entrancing and engrossing…

Kastle piles on the thrills and chills of a sophisticated murder mystery in this entertaining urban fantasy about love, duty, sacrifice, and ambition. Hiding your powers and your identity while staying away from the pack takes a great deal of resilience, and the purebred werewolf Jordyn Langston, currently residing in Butterfly Valley with a human boyfriend and successful career, has vexed many, including her mother along the way. Forced back to Trinity, her powers begin to morph, putting her life in danger. Meanwhile, Rutger Kanin, the Director of Enforcers for the Cascade Pack and the man whom Jordyn left behind when she left Trinity, is investigating several brutal killings in the area. Jordyn and Rutger must confront weaknesses in their own natures to come to terms with their past as they join forces to fight the enemy. Kastle’s writing is measured, authoritative, and charged with meaning, and her large cast of characters is entertaining. The moments of darkness are chilling and sharp, the emotions weaved in the narrative are genuine, and the complexities of relationships and the fragile underpinnings of mature romance are sketched with understanding and depth. Kastle wields the tools of suspense and tension with panache, and the story races to a breathless conclusion as she skillfully balances a solidly constructed whodunit investigation, poignant romance, and a fine urban fantasy. Part mystery and part romance, this engrossing tale offers evocative storytelling and vividly portrayed characters. This is a promising opening to a new urban fantasy series.

Bone Chimes

By M. A. Kastle

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Pub date October 29, 2018

ISBN 9780692198360

Price $16.99 (USD) Paperback, $5.51 Kindle edition

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