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The Duke and The Enchantress (The Enchantresses #2) by Paullett Golden



Delightfully romantic, lusciously sexy: a great read for historical-romance fans…

A mismatched pair of newlyweds, a young marriage marred by misunderstanding and miscommunication, a modern sensibility about the theme of self-realization, and a fresh take on romance make the foundation of Golden’s latest Georgian-era romance. After the fairy-tale wedding, Drake Mowbrah, the Duke of Annick and his new bride, Charlotte Trethow realize they are total strangers. While Drake has no clue about his young and immature wife’s needs, having a tyrant of mother-in-law doesn’t help Charlotte’s case either—the old woman likes to keep the new bride occupied with the duchess duties. Lack of communication takes a toll on their marriage and misunderstandings grow. As the marriage heads toward a disaster, the duo finds a common ground to bond over; music. The arrival of Charlotte’s aunt Hazel helps the matter further, and the young couple find their lost love. The bride is charming; the groom is strikingly handsome; and the story has a good dose of heat mixed with sweet romance. The plot is well crafted with a good balance of wit and romance. Fans of Golden’s first book in the Enchantress series will be glad to know the real Drake and appreciate Charlotte’s growth as a character. Sebastian, Lizbeth, and Aunt Hazel from the first book also make an appearance in this installment. The incorporation of music, the passion for which leads the couple into a solid love based on a genuine understanding is the best scoring point of the story. A solid read.



The Duke and The Enchantress

(The Enchantresses #2)

by Paullett Golden

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PUB DATE March 1st 2019

ISBN 9781732834248

PRICE: $4.99 (USD)


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