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Demented by Joe Clark

Intense, dark, and an absolute page-turner…

As much social commentary as crime drama, Clark’s solid latest finds a rape victim trying to deal with her past trauma. Cindy Foster was gang raped fifteen years ago after her then-boyfriend, the handsome Adan Jackson talked her into retiring to a secluded room during a frat party. The influential Adan and his brother got out of the case scoot free while the third rapist Troy Mondale charged with felony rape went to jail. Now sixteen years later, Cindy is happily married and has a successful career. But her past has come to haunt her once again: with Adan working in the same company, clear and sinister signs of intimidation are becoming rampant. She hires Private Investigator Nickey Arnold to deal with her tormentor. But things become murky soon with many parties involved, and Troy is out of jail. Clark’s serious treatment of the subject of rape and Cindy not-so-smart earlier personal choices affecting others’ perceptions about the actual crime gives Cindy’s story both depth and substance. Clark’s characters are flesh-and-blood, humane characters and far from being perfect. Despite being a rape victim, Cindy doesn’t come out as an entirely sympathetic character, especially in the beginning. But as Nickey pieces together the details of her case, the reader will admire her resilience and her extraordinary ability to turn her life around. Clark manages a somber tone despite veering into erotic and kinky, and the feistiness of Nickey is what drives the plot. The layered narrative, vivid characterization, and swift pacing makes this a winner.    

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By Joe Clark

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Pub date April 13, 2020


Price $3.08 (USD) Kindle edition, $14.95 Paperback

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