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A Light on Altered Land by Becky Bohan

a light on altered lands

An entrancing tale of love and renewal…

In Bohan’s provocative, artfully woven romantic drama, two women in their 60s set on a journey of self-discovery. The chance encounter at a Minneapolis Starbuck sparks a friendship of renewal and awakening for 68-year-old Kathryn, a nurse psychotherapist and a straight divorcee and 65-year0-old Ellie, a retired community college teacher and a life-long lesbian. A cross-country road trip opens them to the new vistas of love, passion, spirit, and hope. Bohan’s writing is both elegant and provocative as she wrings genuine emotions from Ellie and Kathryn’s past tragedies. The womens’ friendship, their underlying chemistry, and their gentle demeanors make them the kind of characters readers wouldn’t mind seeing more of. Bohan weaves themes of feminism, gender fluidity, and transgender ideology through Ellie’s mourning of the loss of the unified lesbian world in which she once flourished. The book has the pull of a romantic drama, and Bohan’s assured prose, deep understanding of the intricate framework of romantic and marital relationships, and topnotch characterization provide this story both authenticity and rationality. The parts where Ellie muses about the ideology of the new age transactivists and their disappointing role in depreciation of the once significant feminist moment of overthrowing the typical patriarchal gender roles become a bit preachy, but Bohan proposes no simple answers, and Ellie’s musings raise significant questions. A meditation on both finding relevance and acceptance in a changing world and intricacies of mature love, Bohan’s provocative tale isn’t to be missed. Lovers of both literary fiction and women’s fiction will be rewarded.

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A Light on Altered Land

By Becky Bohan

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Pub date January 12, 2020


Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.29 Kindle edition

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