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The Pystead Group by James Pryor

pystead group

An intricate mix of hard SF and philosophy…

Set in near-future in 2052, Pryor’s elaborate SF tale features a young cognitive scientist wrestling with superbly real moral, ethical, and political dilemmas. Hoping to escape the violent extremists and oppressive government of United States, Philip Russell, a cognitive scientist, flees to West Indies after accepting a job as a scientist at The Pystead Group, a high-tech company located on the West Indies island of Nevis. His entanglement in the company’s brain scanning security technology makes him the target of both the powerful enemies and the corrupt police. He must draw on his knowledge of the human mind to overcome his past fears and decide if he want to leave his old life behind for a chance at a better future. The serious treatment of the book’s protagonist and the complexity of his philosophical reflections as he struggles with the questions of his life purpose make this an apt read for serious readers who don’t mind a hefty dose of philosophy in their science fiction. Throughout, Pryor interweaves the complex themes of disruptive politics, tradition, and the needs of the society versus those of the individual into questions of love and a man’s place in cosmos. Philip continues to questions his own choices, and Pryor posts no simplistic answers, keeping Philip’s journey both significant and interesting. Though, the writing become too heavy with much emphasis on philosophical perceptions, the intriguing elements of science fiction, in-depth characterization, and captivating storyline keep the reader invested throughout. Pryor’s impeccable prose, meticulous research, and political intrigue make this an exhilarating read.


The Pystead Group

By James Pryor

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The Techner Group

Pub date may 17, 2020

ISBN 9780692156964

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