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Escape from the Mad Man: For Your First Nights of Freedom by Valerie Elmhirst, Larry Lalonde

escape from the mad men

Deeply affecting and compelling…

Evoking a great sense of people and place, Elmhirst and Lalonde convey a pair of siblings’ journey to freedom after their mother escapes their abusive father. Happy meal times, sleep overs, and playdates are the things, Emily and Grant can only dream about. Their dad’s unpredictable temper makes it hard for them to enjoy even the simplest pleasures of childhood. The situation is worst for their mom who is tolerating physical violence at the hands of her husband for years. But when Joan escapes with Emily and Grant, the kids have many urgent questions they need answers to. Different characters’ perspective is explained through a series of shifting emotions, creating a narrative that is both somber and accessible. Skillfully illustrated pictures are sketched according to moods of the situation: darkly sketched images accompany somber situations while the bright, popping colors make moments of contentment significant. This nuanced tale of finding courage and making right choices skillfully introduces young children to the topic of domestic violence.


Escape from the Mad Man

For Your First Nights of Freedom

By Valerie Elmhirst, Larry Lalonde

Elmhirst Lalonde Publishing

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Pub date December 12, 2019

ISBN 9781999199821

Price $7.54 (USD) paperback, $5.59 e-book

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