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Iceapelago: A Climate Change Thriller by Peter Brennan


A superb environmental thriller…

A terrifying global apocalyptic phenomenon drives Brennan’s chilling first installment in Iceapelago series. Ros and Simon Rodriquez, the twin brothers and Spanish research students, are the first ones to spot the initial signs of volcanic activity in an area hitherto dormant in La Palma. In the Summit Station in Greenland, Lars Brun has just started using an innovative tracking device to determine the flow of surface meltwater as it cascades through the glacier’s crevasses to sea level. When Professor Gerard Gilmore, Ireland’s Chief Scientist, takes charge of the Project Eriador to investigate the recent sea floor seismic readings along the Irish continental Shelf, he has no clue the fast-approaching environmental catastrophe when combined with the rapid melting of ice sheet and the disruption of the Gulf Stream has the power to shift the vast terrain of Earth into an icy tundra. The story at times is overwhelmed by nitty gritty of environmental jargon and technical terms, but Brennan’s accessible prose will hold readers’ attention firmly throughout. He paints a gloomy portrait of the modern doomsday scenario, and the global ramifications of the climate catastrophe seem too real for comfort. The denouement is eerie and foreboding, making the book unsuitable for the faint of heart. Meticulous research, a stunning worldbuilding, and high tension make this a must-read thriller.



A Climate Change Thriller

By Peter Brennan

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