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First Justice (Jack Lamburt Series #0) by John Etzil

first justice

An electrifying and strikingly original techno thriller adventure…

Set in US and Cuba, Etzil brings thrilling prequel to the Jack Lamburt series with an intriguing if complicated action thriller that throws its hard-boiled, extremely sleek protagonists into an intricate web of deception and conspiracy. After a senseless killing of his pregnant wife at the hands of a terrorist, Fairfax, Virginia-based Jack Lamburt has sworn not to allow another innocent soul to suffer a similar fate. When Frankie Shelley, an old flame in the CIA, recruits him for a covert mission in Cuba to stop an extremist plot to kill thousands, Jack knows he has found his first opportunity to serve vigilant justice. Flying under the radar, the pair sets course for a Cuban hot zone, but the deeper they get into their black-ops assignment, the harder it becomes for them to get out of the operation alive. Soon, it becomes clear that someone at the headquarter wants them dead. With their lives at risk, the pair must do everything in their power to stop a sinister plan from unfolding while uncovering a bigger conspiracy of international consequences. Jack’s relationship with Frankie, their no-nonsense friendship, and their ability to work flawlessly as a team provides thrilling tension. Etzil is expert at introducing non-stop twists and turns, and his painstaking research when it comes to all the nitty gritty of technology adds both intrigue and excitement to the plot: Jack and Frankie’s relentless attempts to get out of their dangerous mission alive (the air and sea survival missions) provide exhilarating glimpses into both the pair’s uncanny ability to survive and a meticulously researched world of covert operations, inviting readers to visualize the comprehensive, frightening context in which the events of their escape unfold. Etzil’s view of the duo’s extremely neat Cuban operation rings true, and his picture of the inner workings of national-level intelligence provides depth. Though the plethora of secondary characters are introduced quite late in the storyline, they are created with depth and perception. There are many nerve-wrecking, high-action mini adventures, but each of them is captivating and distinct, and each adds a new level of urgency that leads to the exciting final showdown. The original premise and assured prose make sure the reader stays invested in the story throughout. Moments of gruesome violence and bloodshed mark this unsuitable for the faint of heart. With this exhilarating work, Etzil has proved his mastery of the genre.


First Justice

(Jack Lamburt #0)

By John Etzil

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Pub date December 22, 2019


Price #3.21 (USD) Kindle edition, $12.99 Paperback

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