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Trine Rising: The Kinderra Saga: Book 1 by C.K. Donnelly

trine rising

A stunner…

Donnelly’s intriguing, deeply engrossing debut fantasy gets her “The Kinderra Saga” YA fantasy series off to an impressive start. Sixteen-summer-old Mirana Pinal is one of the few in Kinderra to have ever possessed all three magical powers of the Aspects, and unfortunately one of two trines at whose hands the whole of the Kinderra will be destroyed and rebuilt. An alarming premonition of an enemy attack forces Mirana to reveal her destiny to the people of Kinderra and pick between using her powers and leaving them intact. Donnelly devotes as much time to characterization as she provides to plot development, making the tale both thrilling and deep. She takes her time with Mirana’s pressing inner conflicts, providing depth and substance to the protagonist’s coming-of-age story. The chilling action sequences involving the ruthless warlord notch up the tension and suspense, and the fascinating premise and complex worldbuilding will keep readers hooked. This is a winner.


Trine Rising

The Kinderra Saga: Book 1

By C.K. Donnelly

Kibbe Creative Media, LLC

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Pub date July 13, 2020

ISBN 978-1735051833

Price $12.99 (USD) Paperback, $9.15 Kindle edition, $23.95 Hardcover

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