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Blockbuster by Richard H. Smith


A knockout…

Written in tune with the southern vibe of 70s Carolina, Smith’s engrossing mystery finds its young hero entangled in a murder investigation. Nate Burton is doing well as an assistant manager at a North Carolina movie theater, but ultimately wants to go to college to study law. When the increasingly disgruntled and heavy-drinking manager of the theatre is found dead with his throat cut, Nate and his colleague Spence Reeves, a former Buffalo Solider, follow the trail of the murder and stumble across a shocking secret. The convincing, multifaceted characters evolve, as do their relationships with one another, and Smith balances the gripping plot with further development of his secondary characters. Spence and Mrs. Roe are complete darlings, and readers will love to see more of Detective Riggs. The sincere, worldly-wise Nate makes for an endearing hero. This superiorly constructed tale works as both a taut, compelling mystery and a fine, hard-edged noir.

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By Richard H. Smith

Twice Told Tales Press

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Pub date June 12, 2020

ISBN 9780578694344

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $5.25 Kindle edition

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