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A compelling, moving exploration of love, longing, and regrets…

Perali’s compelling debut has it all – love, longing, self-doubt, search for identity, immigration issues, intense emotions, all packaged into a deeply engrossing account of five young women’s lives as they follow their partners and uproot themselves from vibrant Milan to faraway California to chase the elusive dream of a better future. Viola, Bianca, Luna, Giada, and Aurora have just started to discover their career paths in dazzling Milan when they are forced to uproot themselves and move to America for the sake of love. Out of work and isolated in a new country, the women’s lives interconnect as they question the authenticity of their love, which they have traded for their lives in Italy. While immigration issues of cultural dissonance and isolation form the backdrop, the focus of the novel stays on relationship and family ties, friendship, romance, self-doubt, identity issues, and career aspirations. Perali breathes life into the complex theme of migrant fiction; how the lives of both the immigrants who willingly or unwillingly have to return and the ones who chose to stay are never the same. Perali brilliantly captures the vibrancy of Milan and the vast loneliness of California from the eyes of her women protagonists.  Filled with memorable characters, intriguing situations, and an elegant, stylish writing style, Perali’s poignant novel is a must-read for lovers of women’s fiction. A meditation on the lives of five different women, this gripping novel is sure to move the reader to the core.

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By Irene Perali

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Pub date April 9, 2020

ISBN 979-8631674769

Price $13.49 (USD) Paperback, $5.24 Kindle edition

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