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Penchant for Darkness by J. Elizaga

penchant for darkness

A combination of vivid characterization and palpable tension, this slender novella makes for a page-turner…

Elizaga gives new spin to the traditional war between angels and the demon from the Book of Revelation in her latest urban fantasy, uplifting the conventional plot with an endearing hero, intriguing elements of science fiction, and a sweeping conflict. Miles Penchant has always wondered about his uncanny ability of sensing danger beforehand, but when the formless devil presents itself and attacks Richelle, Miles’s wife, he realizes he is able to interact with outwardly entities. As the devil finds a way to wreak havoc on people’s lives despite his confinement in the hell planet of Clos Friga, Miles become the weapon for a group of three mysterious aliens’ fight against their age-old nemesis. Elizaga infuses her narrative with substantial characterization along with her characters’ serious moral dilemmas: Miles is torn between fulfilling his prophecy and being there for his family; his journey is complicated further by Richelle’s long-awaited pregnancy. Elizaga does an excellent job of propelling the couple’s emotional story along while simultaneously exploring the ancient mythic archetypes’ backstory and their fight against the devil. The emotions trail menace, and the frenzied battle scenes breath realism. Elizaga beautifully blends elements of supernatural fantasy with science fiction, providing both the conspicuous ambiguity of the paranormal and the awe and wonder of technology. Her crisp prose, fast-paced narrative, and excellent plotting means the story never loses its momentum. Elizaga has delivered a solid adventure that’s sure to satisfy fans of urban fantasy. This is a must-read.


Penchant for Darkness

By J. Elizaga

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Pub date August 3, 2020


Price $3.02 (USD) Kindle edition

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