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The Gemini Gate Series by Steven E. Wilde

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A tension-filled, entertaining SF thriller…

A nuclear detonation on US soil pushes the world toward a global thermonuclear war, unleashing severe destruction in its wake in Wilde’s swiftly paced, engrossing SF series. In Omega Crisis, the first book in the series, the threat of nuclear detonation is looming heavily on American soil. While the involvement of Al-Qaeda, Russia, and North Korea is obvious, the authorities are clueless about the location of the nuclear device. As American intelligence agencies search for answers, President Gregory McCormick turns to an old friend Dr. Amos Blund, a brilliant doctor, inventor, and scientist. With danger approaching fast, Dr. Amos must abandon his current research and focus on future of the human race. In World in Collison, the second installment in the series, a nuclear bomb of one hundred and fifty Kilotons has been detonated in Washington D.C., destroying the nation’s capital followed by a series of missiles by North Korea, China, and Russia targeting various US cities. Meanwhile, Dr. Amos have made a shocking discovery that could hold the key to save the human race. In World in Chaos, the third installment in the series, while the surviving world leaders are trying to rebuild a collapsed infrastructure, a deadly virus escapes a containment unit, threatening the survival of the human race. Wilde infuses the science fiction plot with action thriller elements of global terrorism and international conspiracies to great effect. His worldbuilding is grand and the storytelling expert. He populates his smoothly-paced narrative with thoroughly developed characters. Dr. Amus’s struggles to acclimate himself to his new surrounding as he tries to focus on his game-changing scientific discovery while simultaneously dealing with the unexpected infighting at the Preserve and his personal conflicts are portrayed with perception and understanding. Jason’s character provides emotional conflict in the story. The plot is heavy on nitty gritty of science factors, including elements of physics and environmental science, but Wilde’s accessible prose keeps the non-science readers invested in the story, and the descriptions of the widely-felt destruction—devastating funnel clouds of radiation, severe earthquakes in the wake of nuclear attack, total collapse of infrastructure and electricity— are realistic. Despite the devastating post-apocalyptic theme, a glimmer of hope in the form of Dr. Amus’s research keep readers optimistic, making the series a lighthearted read. SF thrillers lovers will be pleased.


The Gemini Gate Series

By Steven E. Wilde



Omega Crisis: Book 1

Price $3.05 (USD) Kindle edition, $21.99 Hardcover, $12.99 Paperback

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Worlds in Collision: Book 2

Price $3.89 (USD) Kindle edition, $12.73 Hardcover, $12.99 Paperback

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World in Chaos: Book 3

Price $3.84 (USD) Kindle edition, $21.99 Hardcover, $12.99 Paperback

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