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Nathaniel’s Got the Blues by David L Heaney

nathanial's got the blues

A compelling, awe-inspiring tale…

Heaney’s charming, captivating tale of Nathaniel, a fruit rat, is more of a pilgrimage of the inner soul rather than a physical journey of a bitter rat who has grown increasingly self-focused in his old age. In the winter of his life, Nathaniel has become an old, grumpy being who refuses to look beyond his own miseries and susceptibilities of the old age. An old friend Mr. Leach, a wise possum, encourages Nathaniel to explore the world and rediscover the joy of living. Nathaniel journeys from his home to a mice colony where a fateful encounter with a young mouse brings him to self-understanding and enlightenment. The book has it all – the emotions, vivid storytelling, tension, and psychological intensity of a fairy tale, life lessons, self-discovery, all packaged into a highly engrossing prose. The narrative flows effortlessly, the characters are both charming and believable, and the sharp observations of the old Mr. Leach keep the reader thoroughly interested. Heaney’s prose is crisp, and his writing has both the flair and charm of the traditional storytelling. The book, though compelling in its own right attains further depth through the life lessons that Nathaniel learns along the way. The underlying themes – of never losing the childlike curiosity and following one’s own life path – truly make the book shine, weaving not only the specific wisdom but also psychological depth into the otherwise simple plot. The book with its exploration of life philosophy will appeal to young and old alike. This brisk and engaging tale is a must-read.


Nathaniel’s Got the Blues

By David L Heaney

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Pub date September 14, 2020

ISBN 978-0960059324

Price $13.99 (USD) Paperback, $6.99 Kindle edition

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