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Not Cancelled: Canadian Caremongering in the face of COVID-19 by Heather Down and Catherine Kenwell

not cancelled

A brilliant collection that brings positivity, reflection, and joy in the face of COVID-19…

Down and Kenwell bring hopefulness, longing, and a tone that is reflective and essentially Canadian to this nostalgic and excellent collection of 49 stories. In the first story “Laughter Is Not Cancelled,” Kenwell and her husband find laughter in the latter’s reminiscences of how his mom’s cleverness kept him and his siblings busy back in old days. “The Tooth Fairy Is Not Cancelled” tells the story of a front-line worker, a nurse and a single mother, who is forced to live in a trailer to protect her asthmatic daughter and aging parents and finds familiar moments of happiness with her family. In “Dancing Is Not Cancelled,” two men from different parts of the world, who become neighbors in a remote Yukon community, celebrate Canada’s spirt: diversity, as they share joy and passion through music and dance. “Hope Is Not Cancelled” tells the story of a single mother who finds and spreads hope through her few-weeks-old daughter’s pictures. In “Beauty Is Not Cancelled,” the author, after losing his mother and sister to tragic deaths, finds beauty in the world through the lens of his camera. “Travelling Across Canada Is Not Cancelled” is heartening story of finding hope and joy as Down connects with strangers across Canada through technology. In exploring people’s fears, insecurities, and hopes and the tragedies that are sobering and yet commonplace but no less poignant, the authors not only examine the grim realities of the isolation but also the hope, joy, and reflecting moments. Readers will find much to love.


Not Cancelled: Canadian Caremongering in the face of COVID-19

By Heather Down and Catherine Kenwell

Wintertickle Press

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Pub date May 15, 2020

ISBN 978-1989664025

Price $18.99 (USD) Paperback, $17.99 Kindle edition

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