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Escape from Celestial (The Story of Evil #2) by Tony Johnson

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This action-packed sequel to Heroes of the Siege will take readers to a breathless, cinematic adventure…

Escape from Celestial picks up right where Heroes of the Siege left off—after making a daring escape, the trio: Steve, Ty, and Kari, found themselves trapped once again as powerful enemy forces have no intention to let the heroes escape easily. The sequel also focuses on a new character, Grizz, a mighty dwarf, who meets the trio along the way on their dangerous journey—together they fight vicious monsters and learn hidden secrets about the formidable Hooded Phantom. Johnson’s action-packed, suspenseful adventure will keep the reader guessing until the end with shocking new revelations, which paves the way for the next installment in the series.


Escape from Celestial

(The Story of Evil #2)

by Tony Johnson

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PUB DATE November 5, 2015

ISBN 9781682222331

PRICE $11.97 (USD)


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