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Rebel: The Last American Novel by T.L. Davis


An arresting, elegant coming-of-age story…

Davis uses rural Colorado as the setting for this compelling, coming-of-age journey of a young man trying to find his place in world. Growing up on a small ranch, Lane Daniels witnesses his father venturing out into the world to do something other than farming that has been the only occupation of the Daniels family for generations. As fast expanding urban development consumes the surrounding countryside, blurring the line between rural and urban areas, Lane and his friends are ridiculed for their farming roots. Despite his brilliant grades, lane finds high school too dull to continue and ditches his education to do something on his own. Living by himself in Kanas becomes a life-changing experience for Lane, but figuring out what to do in life still remains a pressing issue. Lane’s desperate quest away from Colorado and into an unknown territory of Kanas and the way it makes him realizes his need for defending and preserving his heritage and roots back home is what brings conflict in the story. The single moment (of witnessing an old man at a gas station) that becomes a catalyst for Lane in figuring out his life goal is sketched with such clarity and credibility that the whole situation feels like something that might actually happen. The narrative moves at a leisurely pace, and the sheer exhilaration of the rural adventure and the many fascinating socio-economics allusions of the oilfields and ranching keep readers engrossed throughout. Davis’s assured prose, interesting storytelling, and realistic characterization makes this a must-read for lovers of literary fiction.

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Rebel: The Last American Novel

By T.L. Davis

12 Round Productions

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Pub date June 27, 2020


Price $3.03 (USD) Kindle edition, $11.95 Paperback

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