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Claimed by the King (On the Prowl) by Ava Night

claimed by the king

A sizzling hot paranormal romance…

In this scorching hot, dark first installment in the On the Prowl series, Night chronicles the journey of lovely Aria who becomes the prime target of dark forces after her long-dormant powers awaken. Struggling to pay her family’s debts, the beautiful Aria Joshi agrees to her mother’s suggestion of selling herself in the Market of Mysteries. But the enigmatic Rajah Aaron Narsimha, her buyer, stirs more than desire and passion in her: the long-dormant powers of Aria awaken after he takes her to his bed. With the kingdom’s destiny in Aria’s hands, she becomes the key target for the evil lurking in shadows. Night handles the usual genre tropes of reverse harem romance: blood, violence, trafficking, polygamy among others with deft skill and style. The setting of India’s jungles and reference to Ramayana add to the intrigue of the story. An engrossing narrative, sizzling sex scenes, and a well-imagined world make this an entertaining read.


Claimed by the King

(On the Prowl)

By Ava Night

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Pub date June 29, 2020


Price $1.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $10.99 Paperback

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