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Snares of the Nether World: Mercy Mission One: A Quiet Light (Mercy Mission Series) by Mary C. Jones

snares of the nether world

A deeply moving tale that’s full of wisdom and fairytale charm…

Set in the World War II era, Jones’ charming tale of an orphaned girl’s tender bond with an illegal Mexican immigrant is both inspirational and poignant, gaining resonance through the lesson of self-understanding and spiritual insight the young protagonist learns during her horrendous journey. Twelve-year-old Carla Kay Landon is forced to leave her home and take on to street life after the pandemic Influenza kills her parents and siblings. Meeting the gentle and wise Ruben seems like a chance occurrence, but Carla is more than a child trying to survive the hardships thrown her way: she is a rescuer for the Elite chosen by a higher power. It’s through Carla’s journey from her hometown to Austin that Jones explores various meanings of God’s ways and will. Jones’s unique take on the narrative shift between her human characters and the angels keep readers thoroughly invested in the story. The narrative flows smoothly, and Jones creates complex characters who must confront hardships to realize their place in the final scheme of things. The angel as Carla’s guardian is charismatic and full of light, much like a paternal presence. Carla is a triumph of a character. By the end of the book, they (both the guardians and the malevolent angels) become fully-fleshed-out humane characters, engraving themselves in readers’ minds. Deeply moving, intense, and often insightful, the book’s biggest accomplishment is taking the reader inside the mysterious world of God’s will, where faith is the key to perseverance. Christian readers will be wise to pick this one.

Snares of the Nether World

Mercy Mission One: A Quiet Light

(Mercy Mission Series)

By Mary C. Jones

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Pub date February 27, 2020

ISBN 9780982264225

Price $10.95 (USD) Paperback, $4.86 Kindle edition

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