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The Superior Men of Xinjiang by James Joseph Counsilman

superior men of xinijang


A meticulously researched, intricate, and timely literary tale…

In this deeply intriguing and complex literary novel, Counsilman beautifully chronicles a young Uyghur doctor’s harrowing journey into the rough landscapes of China’s far-northwest autonomous region of Xinjiang as an environment crisis initiates countless deaths, reigniting the centuries-old-conflict between the native Uyghurs and the ruling communist government of China. As heatwave surpasses 45 degree in rugged, unforgivable terrain of desolate Xinjiang, the death toll begins, presenting a perfect opportunity for the local criminal gangs, corrupt politicians, and Muslim terrorists to realize their ulterior motives. Dr. Almet Khan, a Uyghur medical researcher and a doctor and his Chinese colleague, Shi Wenlong defy Beijing and enter the forlorn grounds of Xinjiang, carrying medicines with the help of a Chinese-American doctor, Dr Robert Jiang. But the sensitive information they come across during their humanitarian mission could jeopardize the Communist Party’s long subjugation of the region, making the duo a top target of a motley crew of criminals. Robert, with the help of an American special operations team must rescue the duo and uncover the monstrous plan of the ruling Chinese government. The setting, especially the desolate terrains of Xinjiang are filled with well-placed details, while the characterization keeps the story moving. The intriguing storyline introduces unforgettable characters: the Uyghurs brothers Aman and Yasim, whose naïve ideology and desire of revenge put them in the middle of a radical mission with no chance of escape; Almet whose sensitive conscience makes him able to see beyond his Uyghur ethnicity and Muslim religion; Shamema Ablekim, the headstrong young Uyghur-Chinese woman who hates Chinese almost with a vengeance, and  Wenlong, the shrewd electronics technician whose desire to walk in his father’s footsteps makes him risk his life. Colorful mini storylines (side characters’ stories like Red Li and Ma) provide light moments, but what makes a lasting impression is how the lives of Almet, Robert, and Shamema intertwine, initiating new beginning for each of them. The environmental crisis in the novel is timely, and the crisis of Bubonic plague becomes all the more relevant with today’s COVID-19 pandemic and the various conspiracy theories floating around the globe. Counsilman employs his own experience of staying in China to effectively recreate sights and sounds across a vast landscape and details political extremities, ethnic fractions, communism, and the Uyghur–Chinese conflict, making the novel all the more affecting. Lovers of complex literary fiction will be rewarded.

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The Superior Men of Xinjiang

By James Joseph Counsilman

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ISBN 978-0976925934

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