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I will pray for you by Janet Odani

I will Pray for You


A tender tale of love, power of prayer, and redemption…

Odani’s latest chronicles a young couple’s journey of faith as they find their way in life with the help of prayer. Twenty-five-year-old Mulenga lost his faith after unexpected death of his father, and the fact weighs heavy on his young wife Amby who believes in the absolute power of God. As a Forest ranger, Mulenga doesn’t make much money and decides to leave for a big city for better working opportunities. The couple comes to possess everything but peace of mind. Will Amby’s prayers help them find their way in life? Odani’s prose is accessible as she explores Mulenga’s faith issues and Amby’s doubts and pain. The couple’s tale, though reads like a straightforward narration, the insights about the power of prayer and the impact of the intercessor in the story will sit well with the believers. The vivid descriptions of African life and endearing portrayal of the couple’s tender love make it a must read for the fans of Christian fiction.


I will pray for you

By Janet Odani

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Pub date May 23, 2020

ASIN B0893P1H32

Price $4.82 (USD) Kindle edition

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