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Journey to My Voice by Janet Odani

journey to my voice

A charming fairy tale…

Odani’s short novella, the pleasant tale of Jaron, a flutter-boy born in Amir forest, who is forced to find his way back home after getting lost, achieves meaning through the many lessons Jaron learns during his adventures on Earth. The little Jaron’s flutter-parents eloped and got married, but were disowned by the King, Jaron’s grandfather. Jaron’s birth mended the broken ties. However, an evil goblin Zizwa has other plans for the little Jaron. With his voice stolen and thrown to Earth, Jaron must find his way back home and fight for his voice. Odani’s prose is simple, and her writing has both the charm and intensity of a traditional fairy tale. The simple storyline is full of explicit wisdom with Odani exploring the themes of jealousy, friendship, empathy, sharing the gift of creativity, and identity issues. The book will appeal to young and old, Christians or non-believers alike.


Journey to My Voice

By Janet Odani

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Pub Date April 28, 2020


Price $4.80 (USD) Kindle edition

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