The Jewel of Vishnu (Chronicles of a Lost Continent #1) by RK Singh

The book with its fast action and vivid details makes it a delightful read for the contemporary YA reader…

When mysterious monstrous attacks begin in his native village, Arul accompanied by his friends, the mild Keeran and the fiery Navira sets on a quest to save the continent. Along the way is more adventure than the trio can handle. Singh’s lucid, fast-moving prose keeps the dramatic impetus of the fantasy tale. With use of elements of mythology, bits of history, inclusion of pre-historic and mythological creatures, and the great comradeship between Arul, Keeran, and Navira, the teen protagonists of his book, R K Singh brings forth an engrossing tale of friendship and heroism.


The Jewel of Vishnu (Chronicles of a Lost Continent #1)

by RK Singh

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Lamplight Imprint

PUB DATE December 01, 2018

ISBN 9780648449201

PRICE $10.44 (USD)

(Review of uncorrected proof copy with visible mistakes)


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