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The Oracle Virus: An Exciting Journey Behind Today’s Headlines by Paul Michael Privateer

oracle virus


A wild and exciting ride filled with action, intrigue, and biotechnology…

Excellent characterization and well-crafted tension mark this SF thriller from Privateer which is set in the current US, with origins in World War II and Germany. Sir Richard Kavanaugh, a celebrated mathematician, lost his reputation and life in 1940s after trying to unravel the connection between his code breaking operation in Bletchley Park, England to a Nazi operation. It’s 2020 and Sir Richard’s grandson Jack Kavanaugh, a nano-bioinformatic and bio-engineer with the Interpol, is drawn into a bizarre serial killing while on a mission to protect twenty world leaders meeting in Washington. Jack and his team’s investigation leads them to a sinister plot that connects a dangerous virus responsible for the genetic mutation of brain cells to a global purification group GDI with ties to a Nazi organization of the World War II era. Jack and his team race against time as the risk of the oracle virus infecting the world population has become a fully realized possibility. Cutting-edge science drives the suspense-filled narrative, and Privateer effortlessly incorporates sophisticated bio-technological concepts into a highly intricate, engrossing plot. There are many sub-plots with multiple storylines which Privateer handles with expert skill. The busy plot with multiple storylines over a period of many decades makes the novel more suitable for fans of highly-intricate SF thrillers.  The unexpected twists and turns never stop coming, and the action is in abundance. The Oracle virus induced epidemic rings true, especially in today’s COVID-19 crisis. The fans of complicated sci fi thrillers won’t want to miss this one.


The Oracle Virus: An Exciting Journey Behind Today’s Headlines

By Paul Michael Privateer

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Digital Book Guild, LLC

Pub date March 10, 2020


Price $5.15 (USD) Kindle edition, $11.66 Paperback

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