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And Then He Shot His Cousin by Jeremiah Cobra

and then he shot his cousin

A hard-hitting YA…

Stacey as one of the good guys has always tried to follow the cousins’ unshakable rules—don’t show weakness, don’t snitch, and always be there for the ones you consider family. But when the cousin he thought loved him presented him with a life or death proposition, Stacey is quick to chose his own life over his cousin’s. However, killing his cousin to save his own life is not easy, especially when his subconscious is forcing him to pick between good and evil. Written in first-person narrative, the story unfolds quickly as Cobra takes readers through his protagonist’s journey as a foster kid who comes to love his foster cousins as family members unaware of them using his love as a weapon against him. Cobra skillfully uses language to give voice to Stacy’s anger, self-doubts, and regrets. This impressive novella raises hard-hitting questions of identity, fitting in, and decision of making right choices.

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And Then He Shot His Cousin

By Jeremiah Cobra

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Obsidian Ink Publishings

Pub date June1, 2020

ISBN  9780999904305

Price $9.99 (USD) Paperback, $6,17 Kindle edition

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  1. I really like the cover art but the title could use a lot more subtlety. It sounds like one of those lifetime movie-of-the-weeks where the title throws the plot in your face with no decorum whatsoever. 😛

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