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Hope(ful)less Romantic by Derek Streidl

hopefullness romantic


A tender, reflective collection…

In Streidl’s original, thoughtful collection, a young man is required to look beyond his own self after he wakes up to find himself in a mysterious realm. Forced to waddle his way through a series of stories, poetry, intimidating woods, singing ghouls and a tall rosy giant, the Indifferent and selfish “Loverboy” must stop and look at things from a new perspective or lose his chance of ever returning to Earth. Told in the form of short stories and poems, the alternating chapters narrate the stories of different couples, exploring true love, angst, and toxic relationships. Mixed with a dash of fantasy and intrigue, Streidl’s focus stays on “love” as he concentrates mostly on the toxicity that eventually bullies its way into a relationship. The conflict of the story comes when the main protagonist is forced to look beyond his important self. The romantic longing, themes of infatuation and first love, and moments of sweet romance shine in this brilliant collection. Streidl is an author to watch for.


Hope(ful)less Romantic

By Derek Streidl

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Rebel Publishing

June 24, 2020

ISBN 978-0578693255

Price $5.99 (USD) Paperback, $3.10 Kindle edition

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