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MONTAGNARD (The JD Cordell Action Series Book 2) by D.C. Gilbert


A rollicking, moving action thriller…

In this swiftly paced, thrilling second installment in Gilbert’s The JD Cordell Action series, the situation, the enemies are new, but the heroes aren’t: JD Cordell and his four-legged companion Ajax return to take readers on an exhilarating journey to Vietnam for a rescue mission. After completing his last mission in Niger, JD is ready to retire with his K9 partner Ajax. But after his father’s unexpected death, Mai, JD’s mother, travels to Vietnam to see her adopted brother Dish, a Montagnard rebel who is on the Vietnamese government’s most wanted list, and accidently steps into a blood feud between her brother and a powerful Vietnamese drug lord. JD must come to Vietnam and face the vicious enemy. Despite the book’s high action theme, JD’s relationship with his four-legged companion remains heartbreakingly personal throughout. Gilbert weaves the multiple plot threads with skill and effortlessly moves his protagonists through a series of explosive combat zones. The characterization is first-rate: Ajax is real enough to touch, and JD with his passion, intelligence, caliber, and sensitivity make for a worthy hero. The action is first rate and the plotting intricate and clever. A horde of twists and nerve-wrecking action scenes mark the final battle between the vicious enemy and JD’s team. Readers who loved Serpents Underfoot (the first in the series) will be pleased to find that Gilbert has outdone himself in Montagnard. With its lightning pace, gripping storyline, and well-constructed action scenes, the novel makes for an absolute page-turner. Action thriller lovers will hate to miss this one.

Note: this title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

MONTAGNARD: A JD Cordell Action Thriller

(The JD Cordell Action Series Book 2)

By D.C. Gilbert

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Pub date June4, 2020


Price $2.98 (USD) Kindle edition, $24.99 Hardcover, 14.99 Paperback

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