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Songs of Autumn (Songs Series Book 1) by Lauren Sevier

songs of autumn

A vivid, visceral fantasy tale studded with romance, action, and intrigue…

Sevier’s highly-readable, stunning series opener follows a young princess’s journey to self-discovery. Hours after Lisbet, princess of Aegis, was born, her fate as a blood sacrifice to the Dragon was sealed. But her own visions tells her a different story. Determined to unravel the truth, Liz escapes the blood moon ceremony and embarks on a journey of self-discovery while trying to save the kingdom. Intricate storyline, high stakes, and a layered narrative captivate, and the delicious romance and supple friction between the protagonists keep the tension high. By making tangible the power that comes from embracing one’s true identity, Sevier conjures up a story that explores the possibility of changing one’s fate in a world where destiny is predetermined. Sevier has crafted an electrifying series opener that’s both fast-paced and thrilling. YA Fantasy lovers will be delighted.


Songs of Autumn

(Songs Series Book 1)

By Lauren Sevier

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Southern Grove Publishing

Pub date November 21, 2020


Price $5.92 (USD) Kindle edition,

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