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The Time Capsule by Connie Lacy

time capsule


A dazzling time-travel romance…

Lacy’s enthralling latest succeeds both as a gripping love story and a suspenseful historical thriller. Trying to look for something meaningful in her life, Hannah Myers leaves her high-profile job and finds herself trapped in a century-old Atlanta. With Spanish flu at its peak, the First World War in full swing, and the bigoted Ki Klux Klan roaring, it’s up to Hannah to save the man she loves. Lacy tells her story with sensitivity and wit: she, keeping tension high, reveals the unexpected dangers gradually and also offers an uncommonly sensitive rendering of the today’s familiar scenario of COVID-19 through portrayal of flu epidemic of 1918s. In the feisty Hannah, Lacy has created a worthy heroine—who does equal justice to her role as a top-shot public relations executive of today’s as well as the spunky journalist of early 20th century. Quick pacing, multifaceted characters, and a fascinating premise make this a memorable read.


The Time Capsule

by Connie Lacy

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Wild Falls Publishing

Pub date may 22, 2020

ISBN 9780999608494

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $1.01 Kindle edition

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