Why Inch Got a Foot (6 of 1/Half Doz of the Other Series: Book 2) by Ron Roecker

why inch got a foot

A quirky, clever tale…
Endearing from the first page, the award-winning Roecker’s second installment in the series takes readers to an adventurous journey with a tiny inch worm. The adorable Inch, the inch worm, is too inquisitive for her family and friends, but when a chance meeting with a blue tennis shoe gives Inch an opportunity to explore the big wide world, the latter doesn’t think twice and embarks on a daring journey. The simple storyline not only reveals a child’s passion and preoccupations but also the importance of wonder and courage. Through Inch and tennis shoe’s brief journey, Roecker focuses on Inch’s courageous spirt as he reveals her hunger for adventure, exploring the real meaning of shedding one’s fears and the ability to grasp new opportunities. Vibrant drawings stay pleasant to eyes. Parents looking for a memorable way to describe the value of curiosity and courage to their young children will be pleased with Roecker’s brightly colored concept book.

Why Inch Got a Foot

6 of 1/Half Doz of the Other Series: Book 2

By Ron Roecker

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Pub date May 7, 2020

ISBN 979-8642833650

Price $9.99 (USD) Paperback, $3.03 Kindle edition

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