Dylan’s Birthday Present (Little Polyglot Adventures) by Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos

dylan's birthday present
Insightful, informative, and fun…
A quest to find a lost birthday present takes Victor’s young protagonist on an insightful journey in this endearing debut installment in the series. It’s little Dylan’s birthday, and he is excited to show his birthday present to his best friend Emma. But when the present goes missing, the friends embark on a journey to find it and learn new things along the way. Victor’s story celebrates the learning of different languages as characters from different cultures and races make their entry. Other subjects explored include appreciation of the value of being a polyglot, respecting different cultures and racial backgrounds, and importance of friendship and family ties. Dylan’s friendship with Emma adds zest to the story, and the vibrant drawings portray the friends’ upsetting and uplifting moments with gentleness. With foreign language words (English translations to which appear at the bottom of each page) and a delightful mystery woven into the main storyline, this intriguing book adds up to thorough fun. Young readers will likely plead to read it again and again.

Note: This title is available in many other languages including bilingual editions.

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Dylan’s Birthday Present

Little Polyglot Adventures (Book 1)

By Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos

Age range 3-8 years

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Pub date April 29, 2020

ISBN 978-1952451607 (Paperback), 978-1-952451-58-4 (Hardcover)

Price $9.99 (USD) Paperback, $23.99 Hardcover, $2.98 Kindle edition

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